Cynthia Wright, CDT, LVI Certified Master Technician
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Call for appointment: 505-989-7866

C Wright Dental
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2011 - FDA Approved Auradorm , Neuromuscular Sleep Appliance
Coming soon:

2011 - Cranial Physiologic Mechanics in Medicine and Dentistry
(Robert Walker , DC, and Kaye MacArthur, DDS)

2010 - ICCMO Conference Member 2011

2009 - Certified MRS 2000 Health Technician

2008 - Myotronics 42Nd Anniversary Seminar

2008 - Core VII - Full Mouth Reconstruction LVI Tech for Dr. Jeff Luffey

2008 - LVI Global-Core VI Coronoplasty and Case Finishing
Sam Kherani , Bill Wade , Norm Thomas

2007-LVI Global - Core IV Advanced Occlusal and Restorative Principles
Norm Thomas, Mike Miyasaki, Bill Wade, Tony Tomaro

2006- LVI-Occlusion I

2006 - e.max certified

2005 - Full Mouth Technician at LVI for Dr. Dan Jenkins

2005 April/May - The Master Aesthetic Technician
Full Mouth Waxing - Taylor Milne, Mike Milne, Bill Wade

2004 - LVI Neuromuscular Laboratory Technician
Bill Wade, Mike Milne CDT, Dr. Clayton Chan, Dr. Norman Thomas

2004 - LVI Master Tech- Advanced Anterior Ceramics with
Jergen Seger CDT and Mike Milne CDT

2003 - Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
Essentials for Success with Pressable Ceramics
Jergen Seger CDT and Mike Milne CDT

2001 - The Pankey Institute for advanced dental education
Oct.21-24, 2001  Dr. Irwin M. Becker
Dentist/Ceramist team course with Dr. Jennifer Ridgeway 
teaching associate- Dr. Michael Fling
guest presenters: -- Mr. Lee Culp -Mr.Matt Roberts -Mr.Phillip Gold

2000 -New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
New Mexico Jewelers Association competition
(honorable mention in non-traditional use of materials)

Florence Exhibit

2000 Inventor US Patent #6,048,205
Biobridge design/jewelry technique
Glass and the Space Orbiter -, glass/ceramic and 24k gold
Gramm Technik --Dentale Galvanotechnik, Gram A&Mac183;

1998-97 Claude Sieber
“Live Art” porcelain & camera intensive

1998 Dr. Gordon J. Christensen - Practical clinical course

1997 Japan Shippo Conference
- Ginza la Pola Gallery
in Tokyo, Shippo Museum-Yamanashi

1996 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - Art show exhibit: First Place in Sculpture

1985- SHIDONI sculpture foundry -chase & patina
Santa Fe, New Mexico

1995 “WARP NINE” - porcelain clinic

1995 Center for Advanced Dental Study - “MOSAIC” with Lee Culp

1993 Thomas Schmidt - waxing course

1992 CDT (Certified Dental Technician) - Porcelain

1991 Lee Culp - porcelain clinic

1987 FULBRIGHT - research grant - India
Fulbright Program Alumni Association
Rabindranath Tagore school
studied with sculptor Sarbari Roy Chowdhury

1985 Bruno Luchessi - sculpture workshop

1982-84 National Sculpture Society scholarship
Lyme Academy of Fine Art
Welcome to the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts! Connecticut
(Elisabeth Gordon Chandler, Laci DeGerendy,
Deane Keller, Norman Legassie)

1975 University of Utah - Art scholarship

1972 John Ness - Ceramist

1970-72 ACU, Texas
New Mexico CultureNet: Expanding access to New Mexico's diverse cultural heritage. 

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